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Mouth area of the Kamchatka river at the beginning of the XX-th century: hydrological conditions, morphological structure, aquatic biota (according to the materials of F.P. Ryabushinskiy’s expedition)

Sergey L. Gorin, Ekaterina V. Lepskaya, Grigory N. Markevich,

The paper analyzes the material of F.P. Ryabushinskiy’s expedition describing the mouth area of the Kamchatka River. Among the studied manuscripts there are some rare materials and archives data which have never been published before. The analyzed expedition’s data show that in 1908–1909 the Nerpich’e and Kurilskoe Lakes were freshwater, most of the estuarine lagoons were freshwater too and only their seashore areas underwent poor alkalinization at the end of winter period. The mouth area biota was composed by freshwater lower plants, invertebrates and fish species. But in spite of all this, “sea” correlation of ions in the Nerpich’e and Kurilskoe Lakes as well as relic “sea” composition of fauna of invertebrates was observed throughout the whole area. Besides occasional catchings of semi-anadromous fish species (herring and smelt) in the Nerpich’e Lake were registered. The research data of F.P. Ryabushinskiy’s expedition describing the Kamchatka River mouth area are not outdated as they can be compared with present-day information on brackish-water stage of development of the mouth area.

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УДК 574.52:592 DOI: 10.15853/2072-8212.2019.52.108-119Download the full article

Freshwater microalgae and invertebrates in the basin of Talovskoye Lake (Koryak Reserve, Kamchatka) 

Ekaterina V. Lepskaya, Eugeniya I. Bekker

The list of the algaes and invertebrates of the system of Talovskoye Lake (the Koryak Reserve, Kamchatka) is provided for the first time. Author’s microphotographies are provided to illustrate algae taxons.