КамчатНИРО 91

Kamchatka Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography

Editorial policies / Regulations on reviewing

on reviewing scientific manuscripts (materials), applied for publication to the Editoral Board of the scientific peer-reviewing journal «
Researches of aquatic biological resources of Kamchatka and Northwest Pacific»


1.1. The Regulations are to regulate the order of reviewing of author’s manuscripts (articles), applied to the Editoral Board of the scientific peer-reviewing journal «Researches of aquatic biological resources of Kamchatka and Northwest Pacific» (hereinafter Journal).

1.2. Reviewing serves to raise scientific value of materials published in the Journal and to make article answering requirements of the HAC. 

1.3. Internal reviewing is provided by members of the Editoral Board, consisting of experts — candidates and doctors of science, employed into researches and/or making lectures for students in the main job. The members of the Editoral Board work on the base of signed agreements, keeping in the office of the publishing house all the period of their  membership in the Editoral Board. Reviewers are appointed by Chief Editor.

1.4. External reviewing is provided by the scientists with the academic position of doctor or candidate of science, who is not a member of the Editorial Board of the journal (external reviewer), authoritative experts in the field of knowledge able to make a concise, independent and objective estimation of scientific sense of the article and to give conclusions about a perspective of scientific publication. The external reviewers are also selected by Chief Editor.

1.5. Reviewing is provided for the scientific articles, applied to the Editoral Board of the Journal and made strictly according to requirements to the publications on the site of the Journal. here



2.1. The articles can be accepted by the Editoral Board of the Journal for consideration, if the article reflect scientific insights, results and achievements of fundamental or  theoretical and practical researches on fish biology, ecology, trophology, physiology, hydrobiology, parasytology, hydrology and hydrochemistry. The articles which don’t correspond the topics mentioned above cannot be accepted for consideration.

2.2. The reviewing of all articles applied to the Editoral Board and corresponding the topics of the Journal, is provided in order to provide expert evaluation to answer requirements of the HAC.

2.3. The reviewer is appointed in view of topic of the article applied. All the reviewers are recognized profile experts, they are members of dissertation councels or supervisors of research projects, educational institutions or departments, publishing their own artiales on the same scientific profile and assissting the  Jaournal.

2.4. The reviewers are notified, that the manuscripts they have received for reviewing, are the property of authors and the data in the manuscrips are the information not liable to disclosure.

2.5. Reviewer should provide review in two weeks from the moment of receiving manuscript. Reviewer should e-mailed or give personally his review to the Editoral Board pressa@kamniro.ru. Special form is recommended by the Editoral Board for making the review (here).

2.6. It is important in the course of reviewing  to pay attention on presence relevance of the problem to be solved by science in the manuscript. The review should characterize theoretical and (or) practical importance  of research or fix absence of the imporrtance, analyze conclusions made by author in view of current scientific insights about the issue. An ultimate element of the review is an assessment by the reviewer the personal author’s contribution to the manuscript and to the solution of  the issues. The review should include estimation of style and logics of the manuscrupt  and conclusions - how authentic and profound the conclusions are (how big was the data pool represented for the analysis and how far was the pool demonstrated in illustrations provided in the text , including tables, diagrams, figures, etc.).

2.7. In the end of the review there should be general verdict about the manuscript and recommendation by the reviewer for publication in the Journal: «Recommended for publication», « Recommended for publication after extensive revision based on the comments of reviewer  and re-reviewing», «Cannot be recommended for publication». Manuscript, when it has obtained positive recommendation, will be published in the overall order.

2.8. If the manuscript is recommended for publication after extensive revision according to recommendations or cannot be recommended, the review should provide clear explanations of rejection from publication and description of lucks revealed.

2.9. If  the review comprises recommendations how to improve and modify the material, the Executive Secretary of the  Journal notifies author that the manuscript can be improved on the base of recommendations in order to make a new version to apply for publication.

2.10.         On improving the manuscript author should apply it to the editoral Board of the Journal  for second consideration. The manuscript will be considered for reviewing in the overall order, send to reviewer with author’s answers on all  the comments. In case if new review is negative, the Eitoral Board should notify author and send to  him a reasoned refusal in the publication.

2.11. The Editoral Board should provide reviews on request of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF.

2.12. On receiveingall documents necessary for manuscript to be publicated, the Chief Editor should signs the manuscript to set in order for publication.

2.13. All reviews are stored in the office of the journal during 5 years.

The Editoral Board does not store manuscripts rejected from publication.

The Editoral Board should not return manuscripts accepted for publication to authors.

The manuscripts rejected from publication should not be returned to author(s) too.

The Regulations were discussed and approved at the session of the Editoral Board of the scientific peer-reviewing journal «Researches of aquatic biological resources of Kamchatka and North-Western Pacific Ocean» on the 20th of October in 2013.